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CROSS-CHECK: Checking an opponent with that part of the handle of the crosse that is between the player’s hands, either by thrusting away from the body or by holding it extended from the body and running forcibly into an opponent.

          ILLEGAL BODY CHECK: (1) Body checking of an opponent not in possession of the ball or within three yards of a loose ball

(2) Body checking of an opponent from the rear, at or below the waist, or above the shoulders

(3) Body checking of an opponent who has any part of his body other than his feet on the ground.

(4) Body checking that targets a player in a vulnerable position, this includes but is not limited to: (A) Body checking a player from his “blind side”; (B) Body checking a player who has his head down in an attempt to play a loose ball; and (C) Body checking a player whose head is turned away to receive a pass, even if that player turns toward the contact immediately before the body check. 


SLASHING: (1) Swinging a crosse at an opponent’s crosse or body with deliberate viciousness or reckless abandon, regardless of whether contact occurs. 80 2020 BOYS’ YOUTH RULEBOOK | USLACROSSE.ORG USLACROSSE.ORG | 2020 BOYS’ YOUTH RULEBOOK 81

(2) Striking an opponent in an attempt to dislodge the ball from his crosse, unless the player in possession, in an attempt to protect his crosse, uses some part of his body other than his head or neck to ward off the thrust of the defensive player’s crosse and, as a result, the defensive player’s crosse strikes some part of the attacking player’s body other than his head or neck. NOTE: Contact of any degree made to an opponent head while actively making a stick check is a slashing penalty.

(3) Striking an opponent in any part of the body with the crosse (including its end cap), except when done by a player in the act of passing, shooting, or attempting to scoop the ball. In all situations, the player’s gloved hand shall be considered part of the crosse, except when in contact with the ground.

(4) One-handed checks shall be considered a slash, whether or not it makes contact with the opposing player. If the defensive player’s hand comes off his stick in his legitimate follow-through motion after, or during his recovery from, a controlled poke check, this need not be considered a slash solely because his hand came off the stick.


GOAL LINE EXTENDED (GLE): An imaginary line that extends beyond the goal line and continues to the sidelines.

FACEOFF: This technique is used to put the ball in play at the start of the game, each quarter, half, or after a goal is scored.

CREASE: The circle around the goal with a radius of 9 feet into which only defensive players and their goalkeeper may enter. 

RIDE: The defending team will try to prevent their opponent from clearing the ball, thereby creating a turnover. 

MAN DOWN: A team that has fewer players on the field due to one or more penalties.