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In addition to registering for the Oconee Knights teams, you must register your child/children with the Gwinnett Lacrosse League



PLEASE READ - Guide to successfully filling out registration forms:

  • Please submit the GLL forms AFTER you have made a payment.
  • When completing these forms, please use your child's full legal name as it appears on their grade report from the school they attend. The GLL will use what appears on your child's grade report as the official legal name, so please do not use a nickname or what they go by as their first name.
  • All GLL registration forms are submitted electronically and will be returned to you if not filled out correctly.
  • If your child has a current sports physical from playing another sport, that was performed after the completion of the 2021 season and will not expire before May 31, 2022 it may be used. It needs to be attached along with the GLL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM but must clearly specify that your child has been "cleared for sports" by a doctor. Please write physical attached on the bottom doctor's portion of the GLL physical form. All parents must fill out the top portion of the GLL physical form regardless if you have an existing physical. Existing physicals that were not given specifically for sports-related activities, i.e. summer camp etc., and do not say "cleared for sports" will not be accepted. If you do not have a current sports physical you will need to download and print-out the GLL Physical Exam form and take it to a doctor to fill out. The exam form must be stamped with the official doctor's office stamp that has the practice's name and address. 
  • If you do not have a scanner to scan the documents that need to be attached, such as the Proof of Grade form or the Physical Exam form, you can take a picture of the document with your smartphone, but please try to use good lighting so the document is clearly legible.

GLL Registration Links:

  1. www.gllcert.com
  2. 2020_GLL_Medical_Form.pdf



*GLL "play-up" forms are available upon request and must be approved by the coaching staff after evaluating a player's maturity and skill level.